Age Group:    1.5 - 2.5 Years
Duration :      2.5 hours per day

After their birth, children start exploring their surroundings. At 'The Oak Tree', children are taught to learn about what they see around them through the play group program. What children experience in the first few years of their life are very important for learning new skills as maximum brain development happen during this phase.
The goal of the program is to help them guide their child’s development by learning and practicing child development through a scientific approach. This program will develop social, aesthetic and motor skills in young children. This program helps infants and toddlers develop their hidden language and math skills through an innovative method.

Key Areas in PG Program

  1. Theme based Concept Time
  2. Language Readiness
  3. Learning by exploration
  4. Building communication skills
  5. Encouraging positive peer interaction
  6. Math Readiness
  7. Promoting cognitive development
  8. Opportunities for fine and gross motor development

Activities Involved

  1. Creative Time
  2. Sensory Time
  3. Library Time
  4. Story Time
  5. Sand Play
  6. Water Play
  7. Field Trips
  8. Celebration of festivals and special days
  9. Puppet shows and skits
  10. Free Play with Technology Corner